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Epilog M2 Fusion Co2 and Fusion Pro Laser Door Interlock Bypass Keys Set Of Two

Epilog M2 Fusion Co2 Laser Door Interlock Bypass Keys Set Of Two "NUKE KEYS" Set of two

Works with Fusion Pro too!


If you need to insert over oversized object into your Epilog M2 Fusion then you need these custom laser-cut 304 stainless steel front panel safety interlock BYPASS keys. This set of "NUKE" keys as we call them in our shop, will allow you to bypass the two interlock switches on the front drop-down panel of your Epilog M2 Fusion Co2 laser system. Once both keys are inserted they act just like the male part of the top door and effectively trick the Epilog M2 Fusion into thinking the doors are closed, when actually you have the front panel open. Now you can insert oversized objects into your Epilog M2 Fusion that are outside the dimensions of your current workable area when the doors are closed.



1: These are not sanctioned or associated with Epilog. We are not affiliated with Epilog.

2: These keys are to be used only so you can fit oversized objects into your laser that may not fit otherwise and are not for any other purpose.

3: By using these keys in place of your regular interlock keys that are attached to your machine, you are effectively bypassing the safety feature that requires you to close the top lid of your Epilog M2 fusion for you to operate the machine. This poses a laser safety risk, and you are now exposed to an open beam, which can cause serious injury or death.

4: By using these keys you assume all risks associated with using them. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.



Works With All Epilog M2 Fusion Models/ Including

The Fusion Pro.


What You Get:

Two Keys as shown in the picture

Epilog M2 Fusion Co2 and Fusion Pro Laser Door Interlock Bypass Keys Set Of Two

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