Hand Drawn Engraved Portrait On Alder Wood Plaque 6"X8"

Memorialize your friends and family in true artistic style with a hand drawn and engraved portrait on these beautiful Alder Wood plaques. Each Portrait is meticulously hand drawn by our in house artist, and then transfered to these plaques with laser engraving precision! The result is truly a work of art.


BOUNUS! You will receive a copy of the original art work to keep as your own in high resolution pdf format.


INSTRUCTIONS: Please email us the largest highest clearest resolution picture your have of the subject to be drawn, this is very important. If the picture is too low quality, blurry or pixilated we may not be able to fufill the order.

whatsup@sonomalaserengraving.com + your order number #


**This offering is for “shoulder up” only portrait., for full photos or group photos please contact us directly for a custom quote.


**Please allow two weeks to receive your custom engraved portrait as the artist need some time to draw the portrait.

Hand Drawn Engraved Portrait On Alder Wood Plaque 6"X8"