Laser Stippling Glock Model Practice Blanks For Fiber Lasers

Stop Wasting and Re-sanding Glock Polymer, when you have the perfect test medium at your disposal. Our practice banks are a great economical way to test your new laser stipple pattern out to see how it looks and get a true representation of what you can expect when it time to laser the real deal. These laser stippling practice blanks react almost identically the same as real Glock polymer, you can even use your existing settings on your fiber laser for Glock polymer ( just be sure to drop only your power down first) These template are cut to the exact size of the model of Glock you choose and are the left and right grips. YOU CHOOSE THE MODEL and we will send you two pairs of test blanks. Don’t guess!! Try your design out for real with real results! Make demos! to show your clients on what they could be getting on their Glock next time they come in!


What you are buying and what you will get:

1: 2 sets of LEFT and RIGHT grip pads ( sized accurate to the model you choose)!


1: Make sure you have a good exhaust system when engraving these test pads

2: Use your normal Glock Polymer setting on your fiber laser for engraving, but only change the power setting. Drop it down low like 10% and work your way up until you get the result you want. You will be amazed at the detail you get on our blanks. LOW POWER, FAST SPEED that the word!

3:PRO TIP: USE a little masking tape rolled on itself to hold the blank down flat. Eazy Peeezy!

Laser Stippling Glock Model Practice Blanks For Fiber Lasers



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