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HAVE YOUR APE SHIT HAMMER CUSTOMIZED!! ADD A NAME OR MESSAGE! ENGRAVED RIGHT ON THE HANDLE Have you tried every tool in your tool drawer to get the job done and it just not cutting it. Are you frustrated beyond all hope and ready to give up and throw in the towel? Well hold on there partner! There's one tool that you haven't tried yet. The Ape Shit Hammer just might be the answer to all your fixer upper needs. Yes that's right the Ape Shit hammer is just what you need. It don't care what size the bolt is that you trying to loosen, it don't care what the material is that you trying to glue or un-glue, and it most certainly does not care if the project requires a craftsman touch.. it only knows how to do one thing and that is to go "APE SHIT". This carbon steel, custom laser engraved 3lb Ape Shit Sledge Hammer is absolute must tool in any tool box and the last tool you will ever need. The Ape Shit Hammer is well suited for bashing, smashing, denting, mauling, crunching, smooshing, absolutely destroying beyond all recognition everything,, and of course hammering as well. Note: We make these on an order to order basis hence the 1-3 day processing time. If you want us to laser engrave a name on it let us know in a direct message we will add one (first name and last initial) on the steel hammer head at no extra charge!!

The Official Ape Shit Hammer